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Marketing Director

Dawa Tashi, a seasoned cultural tour guide, achieved his Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland before embarking on a journey to share the profound heritage and custom of Bhutan with travelers. His fervent dedication to unveiling the wonders of Bhutan has led him to guide numerous expedition throughout the country. Presently, assumes the esteemed role of Marketing Director at Marvellous Bhutan Travel, Dawa Tashi where his proficiency lies in crafting unforgettable experiences for guests. He seamlessly integrates cultural wisdom with the stunning vistas of Bhutan, ensuring each visitor leaves with cherished memories.

With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of Bhutanese culture, Tashi is adept at curating immersive journeys that resonate with travelers from around the globe. At Marvellous Bhutan Travel, his role as Marketing Director allows him to blend his expertise in cultural exploration with innovative Dawa Tashi was marketing strategies, ensuring that each traveler’s experience is not only enriching but also seamlessly executed. Under his guidance, visitors are treated to a harmonious blend of cultural insights and awe-inspiring landscapes, leaving them with a profound appreciation for the Kingdom of Bhutan.