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Tour Executive | Cultural Expert

In an astonishing span of 14 years immersed in the realm of travel, Phuntsho Wangdi has devoted his existence to unveiling the awe-inspiring allure, effervescent customs, and abundant chronicles of Bhutan. Esteemed as a Tour Executive and Cultural Connoisseur at Marvellous Bhutan Travel, Phuntsho has guided multitudes of wanderers in uncovering the marvels of this concealed Himalayan sanctuary.

Originating from Trongsa, Phuntsho nurtures an indelible ardor and cognizance for his native land. With fluency in Dzongkha, English, and a myriad of provincial vernaculars, he serves as an exemplary liaison connecting sojourners with the indigenous communities they traverse. His zeal for Bhutan’s cultural patrimony and conventions has propelled him to become an adept in the nation’s distinctive customs, edifices, and mystical tenets.

Phuntsho’s extensive erudition and affable demeanor empower him to craft indelible, bespoke experiences for his clientele. Whether steering excursions to emblematic destinations like the Tiger’s Nest Monastery or unveiling obscure treasures, his fervor and proficiency vivify Bhutan’s scenery and cultural tapestry.

Throughout his 14-year tenure at Marvellous Bhutan Travel, Phuntsho has been an instrumental catalyst for the organization’s prosperity and a cherished preceptor for numerous guides. His steadfast dedication to fostering eco-conscious and accountable tourism has left an enduring impression on both the trade and the societies he enriches.

During respites from devising or conducting tours, Phuntsho delights in recounting tales and capturing photographs from his odysseys, as well as endorsing regional craftspeople and initiatives for cultural conservation. His unwavering allegiance to illuminating the wonders of Bhutan remains steadfast, and his adoration for his homeland is genuinely contagious.

Embark on an expedition with Phuntsho Wangdi, and allow him to acquaint you with the quintessence and spirit of Bhutan.