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Strap on your boots, grab your backpack, and get ready for the best 4-hour Yangchenphu Taba Hike in Thimphu has to offer. The hike starts off at Yangchenphu high school but before traveling too long the evidence of people fades and cars can no longer be heard leaving only a dirt path and the sweet scent of pine trees to guide you deeper into the beautiful untamed part of Thimphu.
Although at first, the climb is pretty tough, the countless gifts that nature has to offer recompenses for the hard work. The birds forming a band together and chirping with different pitches and tones give a rather relaxing tone to the ear. The feel of the cool breeze and the plethora of plants and trees provide hikers with a variety of different scents that seem to mix together, giving a fresh air that makes it feel as if breathing is more straightforward. Beautiful springs and interesting rock formations add that little extra spice to top it off.

At the top of the mountain, the reward is spectacular. The incredible view of Thimphu that can be seen from the top makes hikers feel as though they are at every corner of Thimphu at once. The magnificent sight of the great statue of Buddha and the presence of numerous prayer flags make it even better by providing a somewhat calm and aesthetic vibe. The tough uphill path now subsides to a much more comfortable, wide, and straight path making the hike even more calming and providing a great opportunity for hikers to not only enjoy nature but also feel nature inside their veins.

As we approach the top of Langjophakha, hikers get a priceless view of outstanding Bhutanese architecture, the Trashichhoe dzong, and a glimpse of Lingkana palace, the beautiful abode of our king. Just a little bit further is the legislative assembly where the ideas of our wise leaders are shaped into well-thought laws and regulations. Toward the end, we see the valley of Taba with its busy cars and crowded streets. The hike ends as we descend down into Taba leaving hikers with a feeling of satisfaction like no other.

The alluring routes leave behind memories that get imprinted in your mind. So as we bid you farewell, we also welcome you again to Bhutan and experience those memories all over again. Just living is not enough; one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. Visit Bhutan again to get the package of sun, freedom, and a little flower all for yourself.

Live happily. Thank you and Tashi Delek