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Religious Hike From Yangchenphu To Thadra Goenpa

Bhutan is a small country but it is a mysterious one. Its true beauty can only be realized by immersing yourself in what nature here has to offer. To get in touch with the energy that flows through the trees, plants, animals, mountains, and even the sky you will need to put on your hiking boots and set out.

The hiking route has been well established for this purpose and will take you from near Yangchenphu School to lugtenphu. Get your camera ready to capture the amazing things you will encounter in between. You will see the amazing sights of Thimphu city and be able to visit a sacred and holy Temple which is known to be one of the oldest in Thimphu dzongkhag. The temple is surrounded by forests standing majestically on the top of the hill adding a great view of the temple which would definitely push your potential to reach there. The temple goes by the name Thadra goenpa and was built by Chamgyen Tsula Jamtsho with the main statue of Due sum Sangay (Buddha of past, present, and future). The temple is one of the oldest so you will find the true Bhutanese architecture and as well you will have a birds-eye view of Thimphu from the temple. The temple is situated at an altitude of 3100 meters and is easily accessible. Although it is an upward climb, the slopes are gentle and the rests in between will give you the opportunity to marvel at the Flora found around. The tree and plant species found at this altitude are sure to leave you amazed and satisfied.

The hike will continue on a downward path after visiting the Thadra Goenpa Lhakhang. This path will lead you toward the place known as Lungtenphu. This part of the hike is even better because the view of Thimphu you get is even more spectacular. Although at first, the hike may appear tiring it is an easy one and can even be considered as a leisurely and religious stroll along the forests with friends. The whole journey is estimated to take a total of four hours and thirty minutes.

Sometimes it’s the journey that matters much more than the destination. This can be said for the hike we planned for you. By the time you reach the top, you will feel closer than ever to nature. Moreover, the breathtaking view of the beautiful city from the Lhakhang will calm even your stretched joints. It will leave you wanting more. All in all, we guarantee that the hike will be worth all the pain in the end.