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Omta Tsho at Sephu under Wangduephadrang Dzongkhag is also known as Wolthang. It is situated on the main trial to Lunana at an altitude of 4,322 masl, 25kms, 2 hours drive from Sephu, Chazam bridge. As per the information and treasure script Terton Dorji Lingpa began his jourey towards bumthang via Sephu and Mangde mountains. On the way at Nyenlung phugmoche Durtsho Nagmo, he couldn’t penetrate further. The trail was completely covered by the avalanche of snows. So, Terton decided to spend a few days at Omtak Tsho. While taking a short break the local deity – guardian of treasure Nemen Shelgei karmo devotedly invited Terton to her dwelling which is located below Omtak Tsho. She offered a roll of manuscript which contains the instructions of treasure revelations at Omtak Tsho, as per the prophecy in a treasure script at Omtak Tsho, Terton Dorji Lingpa has discovered; a volume on Avalokiteshvara; a golden dagger and a meteoritic iron sword (Namgchag United Reldi) from Omtak Tsho. Today the treasures discovered from the Omtak Tsho are at local temples in sephu Busa Goenpa, Dangchu Lhakhang and beyond. The ninth Gangtey Tulku said that Wolthang Thingthang is mentioned in the Lhodruk Chojung by 69th Je khenpo Gyeshey Gendun Rinchen and further added that today people incorrectly pronounce this place as Omtak Hingtak. Based on the oral account by Lama kezang his fore-father shared that text called Tshedrup Yozer Drawai Choter was was also revealed by Terton Dorji Lingpa from Omtak Tsho. Legend says that when Terton Dorji Lingpa revealed the Terma from Omtak Tsho and was about to take it to Bumthang, on the half way Terma was flew back to the hill above Shelkardra lhakhang at Dangchu. According to local guide the name of the village sephu has been derived from the treasure particularly golden dragger (Sergi Phurba ) that’s how the village got its name ‘Sephu’. There are 7 lakes around the vicinity of Omtak Tsho. For that pilgrims and trekkers takes more than three days excursion. The best time to visit the lake is in early spring & in autumn season. The lakes are surrounded by Kitsu Gang, Thinta La, Zumchen la and Layki Gang, the summer paradise of kelha Drakpo Gyeltshen and Tsherim Gang in summer. The actual trekking to Omtak Tsho takes three days from Sephu Chazam, Wangduephadrang