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Tentative Flight Schedule of Bhutan

Bhutan Flight Schedule, Once you arrive in Bhutan, you will be mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty of the country. From the lush forests and green valleys to the majestic mountains and stunning waterfalls, Bhutan is a visual feast for the senses. And with Drukair, you can experience all of this from the comfort of your seat.

As you soar above the peaks, you’ll have the opportunity to take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. If you fly into Paro or any of the cities served by Drukair in Bhutan, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Himalayas, with snow-capped peaks and rolling hills as far as the eye can see.

But the beauty of Bhutan isn’t just limited to its natural wonders. The country is also home to a rich cultural heritage, with ancient monasteries, temples, and palaces dotting the landscape. And with Drukair, you’ll have the opportunity to visit some of these landmarks and learn more about Bhutan’s history and traditions.

So, don’t wait any longer. Book your Drukair flight to Bhutan today and start planning your dream vacation. You’ll be glad you did!

What is the Bhutan Flight Schedule about?

The Bhutan Flight Schedule is a representation of flight services offered by Drukair in Bhutan. It enables passengers to travel to various destinations within the country while enjoying the scenic beauty and cultural landmarks.

What are the main attractions that Bhutan has to offer?

Bhutan offers a wide range of attractions to visitors, including lush forests, green valleys, majestic mountains, and stunning waterfalls. Additionally, the country boasts of a rich cultural heritage with ancient monasteries, temples, and palaces, making it a visual feast for the senses.

What can passengers expect during their flight with Drukair?

Passengers traveling with Drukair can expect to enjoy breathtaking views of the Himalayas with snow-capped peaks and rolling hills. They can also experience the comfort of their seat while taking in the surrounding landscape from above.

How can passengers book a flight to Bhutan with Drukair?

Passengers can book their Drukair flight to Bhutan by visiting the Drukair website or contacting their local travel agent. They can select their preferred travel dates, destination, and class of travel, and make the necessary payment online.

What benefits can passengers expect when they fly with Drukair to Bhutan?

Passengers can enjoy several benefits when they fly with Drukair to Bhutan, including a comfortable and convenient travel experience, excellent in-flight service, and the opportunity to explore the country’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Drukair Monthly Flight Schedule for 2023 (in PDF)

January 2023View / Download
February 2023View / Download
March 2023View / Download
1st April – 14th May 2023View / Download
15th May – 31st August 2023View / Download
NotePlease note that the schedule is subject to change. For the latest information on updated schedules, please call (975) 17114437 or send an inquiry to

Bhutan Airlines

Bhutan Airlines owns two Airbus A319 planes with advanced safety features and comfortable seating for 156 passengers. The airline prides itself on providing a high-quality, personalized service to all of its customers, with friendly and professional staff on hand to assist with any needs or requests.

In addition to its regular scheduled flights, Bhutan Airlines also offers a range of charter services for those looking to travel to Bhutan for business or leisure. Customize our services to fit your individual or group’s needs for a hassle-free trip to Bhutan.

Bhutan Airlines strives for sustainability and environmental responsibility. They use energy-efficient aircraft and implement sustainable practices to reduce their carbon footprint.

The airline is also a proud supporter of Bhutan’s cultural heritage and works to promote the country’s unique traditions and way of life through its in-flight entertainment and onboard experiences.

Overall, Bhutan Airlines is a reliable and trusted choice for those looking to travel to and from Bhutan, offering a high-quality service and a commitment to sustainability.

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