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Orgyan Guru Rinpoche the Second Buddha ha prophesied, “Namkhai Nuinpo or Akash Gharba with his radiance marked by a dragon. A person hearing the name Anga would come to the southern land. ‘’Choeje Tsangpa Gyare also prophesied that. ‘’ in the future I will also come there: I will open the tradition of the dual system. ‘’ Once the time was ripe bringing the people into the fold of the Dharma,
Zhabdung Ngawang Namgyel, aged 23 years, come to Bhutan from Druk Ralung in Tibet during First Dragon Year corresponding to the year 1616. Since the , Bhutan with its four approaches, was gradually and systematically brought under the authority of the Palden Drukpa. On the basis of the ten virtuous acts and the sixteen dharmic traditions, laws were enacted in the lawless land. The tradition of the dual system was thus established and the name of the Drukpa Kagyud Tradition was given to the country and its people. Thereafter, the name of the land came to be known as Druk and its people as Drukpa and hence Bhutan became a peaceful land of Palden Drukpa that is very much in consonance with religion.