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Trashiyangtse district was two of the last dzongkhags created in 1992. It was split off from Trashigang district.

Trashiyangtse covers an area of 1,437.9 square kilometres (555.2 sq mi). At an elevation of 1750-1880 m, Trashiyangtse dzongkhag is rich of culture filled with sacred places blessed by Guru Rimpoche and dwelled by Yangtseps, Tshanglas, Bramis from Tawang, Khengpas from Zhemgang and Kurtoeps from Lhuentse.

Trashiyangtse was named by Terton Pema Lingpa during his visit in 15th century meaning; (the fortress of the auspicious fortune).

The northern part of Trashiyangtse encompasses the skills of woodturning and paper making. Southern part mainly depends on cash crops and animals.

The two most pilgrimage sites in the dzongkhag are Gomphu Kora and Chorten Kora.

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