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Trashiyangtse district was two of the last dzongkhags created in 1992. It was split off from Trashigang district. Trashi Yangtse covers an area of 1,437.9 square kilometers (555.2 sq mi). At an elevation of 1750-1880 m, Trashiyangtse dzongkhag is rich in culture and filled with sacred places blessed by Guru Rimpoche and dwelled by Yangtseps, Tshanglas, Bramis from Tawang, Khengpas from Zhemgang and Kurtoeps from Lhuentse.

Terton Pema Lingpa named Trashi Yangtse “the fortress of the auspicious fortune” during his 15th-century visit. The northern part of Trashiyangtse encompasses the skills of woodturning and papermaking. The southern part mainly depends on cash crops and animals.

The two most pilgrimage sites in the dzongkhag are Gomphu Kora and Chorten Kora
Chorten Kora

Lam Ngawang Loday, the 3rd Lam of Rigsum Gompa, constructed Chorten Kora to dispel demons in response to a request from residents along the Kholongchu River. This river was known as the “valley of demons” due to the infestation of harmful demons. Chorten Kora is similar to the famous Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal. Upon completion of the vase (Bumpa) section, a 16-year-old Khandum from Tawang, India’s Dhagpa community reportedly entered the chorten and vanished. Construction of the chorten began in the 1740s and took 12 years to complete. HH the 13th Je Khenpo, Yonten Thayey consecrated it on the 30th day of the First Bhutanese month.

Chorten Kora attracts visitors as the centerpiece in Trashiyangtse, serving as a wish-fulfilling shrine. Annually, the Bhutanese celebrate Dhagpakora or Chengyakora on the 15th day of the First Bhutanese month, drawing many visitors from Tawang’s Dhagpa community. On the 30th day of the First Bhutanese month, the Bhutanese celebrate Namgangkora or Drukpa kora.

The 6th Rigsum Goenpa Lama, Shacha Gyalpo, replaced the original pinnacle (Sertog) of Chorten Kora. Legend says that the Lama hesitated to lower the pinnacle, but the dakinis (khandoms) lowered it smoothly. Circumambulating the stone pinnacle the same number of times as the Chorten brings the greatest merit, according to belief.

Gomphu Kora

The Gom Kora is located in Tongzhang Gewog and sits at an altitude of 820 meters. The sacred site is near Tashi Yangtse, which takes 1 hour from Trashigang. It’s significant for Bhutanese as Guru Rimpoche meditated & defeated evil under a big rock.

Every year, locals and tribal people from Merak-Sakten and Arunachal Pradesh celebrate the Gom Kora Tshechu from the 8th to the 11th of the 2nd Bhutanese month. They circumambulate the gompa throughout the night. The gompa contains a number of important relics, including a garuda egg and the remaining chains from the iron bridge in Doksum. Additionally, the steep rock offers blessings, and a narrow passage through it cleanses one’s sins.

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