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Bhutan come into existence at the same time as India. Lord Buddha
Is said to have taken five hundred rebirth as impure beings and five 
hundred rebirths as pure beings. Lord Buddha was born as King 
Dhondup, Thamched-dol, Tsugna Norbu, Drimed Kunden, etc. and 
While working for the welfare of the sentient beings, they had to
Leave their own countries and coming to place of great fear that was 
thickly forested they meditated and survived on the food of profound
meditation. As the sea had not dried up in Nepal and Tibet during
those time, the place can now be factualized as being Bhutan. 
Bhutan was earlier known as Menjong and Lhomon. It was called
Menjong because of the availability of diverse medicinal herbs in 
Bhutan. The name Lhomon signified its location, being to the south
of Tibet, and the people then did not understand the meanings of
sins, merits, karma, etc. due to the absence of the Buddha Dharma,
Bhutan was also known as Mon-yul. The people were called Monpa.
However, today, it is known as Druk and the name Lhomn has 
entirely Disappeared.