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The name Dorjre Drolo is not really translatable as it comes from the language of the dakinis. It is commonly understood as meaning the Guru of solace or vanquisher of Demons. The fierce aspect reflecting the second meaning represents total victory over the negative forces that prevent practitioners from realising their intrinsic capacity for wisdom and compassion. The fierce from exhibits the energy and power a practitioner has available in him to clear any obstacles from the pant to enlightenment. Standing in a dance-like, lunging pose upon a roaring tiger, Dorje Drolo hovers between heaven and earth. This was how he first came to Bhutan. The fact that one hand points upwards and the other downwards expresses his dominion over the upper and lower worlds, over gods and demons alike. His face also shows the dual aspect of “wisdom ‘and wrath. The latter is expressed in the bared teeth clamped furiously on his lower lip.