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The emanation of the “sunbeam Guru Nyima Oser Corresponds to that of a siddha and a yogi, symbolising his accomplishments in many yogic practices. Link a yogi he sits in a relaxed pose, his hair tied in a knot, naked except for a green shawl and a fresh tiger skin apron. All his adornments symbolise the Five Wisdoms of the five Tathagata Buddhas, which were realised by the Tantric practitioner Nyima Oser. The knitted brow expresses wrath at the passions while his smiling mouth shows understanding for human weakness. Like Guru Rinpoche he holds the khatvanga in his righ hand and with the left he grasps a sunbeam- hence his cognomen of Sunbeam Gure. This gesture signifies his supernatural strength as well as his existence beyond the bounds of time.