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Ap Gyenye Latsho or Yangtse Thuwo Dzong is located at 4,387m, 28kms, 13hours with beautiful and outstanding weather, and stunning views over the Himalayan ranges. The Yangtse Thuwoo Dzong is one of the four Dzongs out of the twelve sacred places, prophesied to Lam Phajo Drugom Zhigpo by Guru Rinpoche in a clear luminous vision.
Four Dzongs (fortresses);
1. Taktshang Sengye Samdrub Dzong.
2. Tango Choying Dzong.
3. Lingzhi Jagoe Dzong, and 
4. Yangtse Thuwo Dzong (above Dechenphu, Thimphu)
Guru Rinpoche appeared to Lama Phajo Drukgom Zhigpo in a clear luminous vision and said, I am entrusting to you twelve of my meditation places which consist of four Dzongs (Fortress), four cliffs, and four great caves, you have to plant the Victory Banner of Practice in all of these. It says if anyone meditated in this place then that person will achieve enlightenment in one generation one body. Yangtse Thuwo Dzong is situated behind a mountain slope, to the left of Phajoding, in the upper part of the Doedeydra and Dechenphug Lhakhang and near this sacred Dzong, there is a meditation hut of Drubthob Dragay Shong.
Genyen Latsho(spirit lake of Tensung Genyen Jagpa Melam, is also called Tsheringma Latsho because both Drubthob Dragay Shong and the late 69th Je Khenpo Gedan Rinchen have seen all Tsheringma God inside the Genyen Latsho in direct perception when they visited this Lake. Therefore, I would like to encourage all the interested Bhutanese to visit once in your life to get the blessing of health and wealth