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Begin by getting a visa, which can be done through your local Local Travel Company. Make sure it is free of charge.

You will then need to get a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Paro, Bhutan.

Once you arrive, present your visa to the immigration officer and show your passport.

Nestled in the Himalayas, you will find a small, mountainous land that hasn’t been overrun by tourists or development. 

In this luminous place, people live in simple harmony with the land – and each other. Visitors thrill to jagged snowy mountains, steep canyons, roaring rivers and verdant farmland. In this land-locked paradise, the spiritual and secular peacefully co-exist. 

As Bhutan’s foremost travel experts, we welcome you with a heartfelt “Kuzuzangpo” – the traditional greeting of our beautiful land. 

The moment you arrive in Bhutan, our people will greet you with customary warmth and delight you with their fun-loving nature. We are eager to interact with you and share our hospitality. You will immediately see how our country embodies the now famous philosophy of “Gross National Happiness”, first proposed by our fourth Dragon King in 1972. 

Come visit us and witness the Bhutanese lifestyle of simple, everyday happiness. Our expert Marvellous Bhutan guides will accompany you throughout your journey – and share their native knowledge of Bhutan. This beautiful kingdom is our home – let us show you the wonders and enchantment of our extraordinary corner of the world.