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Lhojong Car Rental is a trusted name in Bhutan for hire car, taxi, and local driver services. We offer a wide range of vehicles to meet your requirements. Lhojong Car Rental is a leading, trusted name for car hire, taxi, and local driver services in Bhutan. We take pride in our wide range of vehicles that cater to your every need. Whether you are looking for a small car to navigate the narrow streets of Thimphu or a jeep to tackle rough terrain, we have just the right vehicle for you! We have partnered with the country’s largest fleet of cars and reliable drivers to make your car hire in Bhutan a pleasant experience.

The Lhojong Car Rental team is committed to providing you with a safe, reliable, and comfortable car rental in Bhutan. We take pride in providing convenient transportation for each of our customers so that they can safely navigate their way through the country’s highly mountainous regions.

Book car rental service in Bhutan

We are one of the best car rental companies in Bhutan and offer various types of services at the best rates. You can rent a taxi, rent a car, book a chauffeur, or take our airport transfer service. Get access to our fleet of vehicles including Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Prado, Toyota Fortuner, and more.

Take our airport transfer service in Bhutan

Lhojong Car Rental provides airport transfers for all major airports in Bhutan – Paro International Airport, Bumthang Airport, and Gelephu Airport. We offer regular transfers as well as door-to-door service with exclusive vehicle options. Let us take care of your transportation needs! Book airport transfer service now!

Rent a taxi or rent a car in Bhutan

Choose from a wide range of cars to hire including Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Prado, Toyota Fortuner, and more. We have the right vehicle for you at the most affordable rate.

Traveling is more affordable than ever with us

An outstanding way to travel is provided by Lhojong Car Rental. We give you the choice of a woman or a male driver when you reserve a car for your loved ones. Your safety and comfort are given significant consideration by us. The demands of many ladies who must travel at night, as well as those of young children, and the elderly who may require particular care, have been anticipated by Lhojong Car Rental. When necessary, we have a team of female drivers available at no additional cost.
With our dedicated crew at the heart of LCR, you can be sure that the people you care about are secure and arrive on schedule. We pledge to give our clients the best service possible, including punctual arrival, security, and. Lhojong Car Rental offers a comfortable and reliable service at the best rates. We take care of each step of your journey and make sure to deliver your loved ones to their destination on time and safely.