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Happily completed with one of my bucket list hike Meri Puensum (Rigsum Goenpo) nature trial kora, which is a unique and prominent landmark of Haa valley and there is a great deal of folklore relating to three hills. The famous three brothers (sister) of the hills of Haa Dzongkhag present a breathtaking view, like heaps of flour in the middle of the Haa valley.
The mountains are given spiritual importance and community people pays homage and believe that the three hill mountains are embodiments of god as Jampelyang (Manjushri), Chana Dorji (Vajrapani) and Chenrizi (Avalokiteshvara). A hiking trail was inaugurated in commemoration of the 60th birth anniversary of his majesty the fourth king of Bhutan. Now many locals and tourists are exploring the nature trail.
The beauty of those three mountains enticed me to hike Meri Puenseum nature trail during my trip to Haa. I planned to do the hike with local guide and my friends from encountering Himalayan bear. The Rigsum Goenpo hike starts from a village called Dumchoe (opposite to the helipad) via Lhakhang Karpo. We took 4 hours to end of feeder road which is under construction by Haa Dzongkhag. when we reached at the end of the feeder road, actual hiking trail started from that point of a Labtse. Once we took the nature trail, we are leaving the village behind and started ascending uphill for almost 5 hours.
During the first few hours hike, we crossed several streams and bridges. From the start till the end you will come across 5 wooden made bridges, 3 resting areas and 4 canopies in between. The hiking trail is very wide and Haa dzongkang takes initiative to maintain the trail. After strenuous 5 hours hike uphill, you finally reach to the first canopy at the height of 3770 mt. For the first time you get to see the super clear sky, bird eye view of Haa Valley, and the spectacular view of Jomolhari, Juchu Drakey, Tsherimgang, Jow Drakey and Dagala mountains ranges. 
After an hour hike, we arrived at Talela (3600 m), A stone made stupa landmarks the junction between trail to Noub Tshonapa and way back to Haa valley. From Talela, the hiking trail descends downhill. After almost 2 hours we finally got closer to the Haa town. We reached to the village opposite to Gongzim Ugyen Dorji Central School and finally reach the popular suspension bridge near the town and this marks the end of Meri Puensum Hike. However local people walk up to Lhakhang Karpo and pay homage to the local deity for the safe return. 
Overall the Meri Puensum hike was of incredible experience into the wood until up on the mountaintop, and it’s breathing wilderness at 3800 mt with utter joy. If you are travelling to Haa, Meri Puensum (Rigsum Goenpo) hike should be included.