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As far as I remember I have been a frequent visitor to Mojo Park for a pint of local beer but particularly to meet like-minded people from all walks of life. By the end of the night, I always come home with some new knowledge from visiting Mojo Park. Mojo Park is more than an ordinary pub that serves drink and make customers feel at bliss, it provide platform for the young local bands who wish to perform.  

Live bands perform brilliant music from around 9 pm to late into the night. Some of the top Bhutanese band stage electrifying performance. Every weekend and on weekdays the club features local bands and bands from the region that belt out the music of all genre. The pub allows young bands to perform beyond normal duties. I have a friend who teaches chemistry in one of the schools in Thimphu and he plays drum with the band at Mojo Park. Despite his engaging day at school, he hits mojo stage to play the drum with full of vigour and commitment.

Although I am extrovert by nature, I never dared to experience nightlife alone. Perhaps I must have been afraid of the midnight trolls and stories that I heard and saw on the social media platform. Perhaps I must have feared more being a woman- a vulnerable one (as world identify). Perhaps I must have been very conscious of people’s perception of a lone woman sitting at Bar. 

After travelling alone in a few South-East Asian countries and having lived in Thailand for almost half a decade I have overcome the fear of being looked upon when I hit the pub/bar alone. Don’t be surprised if you bump into me alone at Mojo park. The beauty of hitting the pub alone is the probability of meeting new friends. I would recommend introvert to build the courage to go out and experience nightlife alone. If you are not comfortable to go to Mojo Park remember it is the place where you will feel at home with some amazing people. 

I have personally befriended amazing local friends and tourists at Mojo Park. The nightlife has always been an enriching one for me. Even if I am not an alcoholic , I drop by at Mojo Park whenever I am stressed or feel like letting my nerves slay. Before and post-travel, I make my presence at Mojo Park to share my travel narratives. The place is never redundant. 

Mojo park is acclaimed by travellers as the travel bar, the travellers meeting point in Thimphu city. It is the place where a traveller can go and meet other travellers or local people and simply strike up a conversation. The travellers further join forces in discovering the city or simply have a drink together. Mojo Park has beverages from all over the world including wines, whiskey, imported beer and local beers. Although the drinks are not very cheapest in the city, the vibe of the pub is worth the price of the drink.  They also offer events such as entrepreneurs night, birthday bookings and more. 

During winter, the bonfire is made to smitten the night with warmth along with a dose of whisky and a pint of beer. In between the traditional Bhutanese rice porridge is served on the house. What makes Mojo the Must Visit pub is because of the crowd and its location. The pub is located right at the heart of the town. The pub is visited by people from all walks of life above the age of 18. It’s a great place to greet, meet and network. 


Mojo Pub is located at the heart of the town, close to ZONE, It is open every day of the week from 8 pm till midnight (Monday, Thursday, Sunday) and 8:00 pm till 2:00 am (Wednesday, Friday & Saturday). 

So there you go, if you find yourself travelling alone to Thimphu Bhutan or even in a group, leave your hotel behind and head on down to the Mojo Park to make some new friends. 
From denkarsgetaway.