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Near Balakha Village, 30 minutes from Paro town and the airport, Amankora Paro is located approximately 2,250m above sea level. The views take in 17th-century Drukyel Dzong and stretch to 7,300m high, snow-capped Jhomolhari and beyond. There are six blocks with four suites each, two on the ground floor and two on the upper floor. The 24 suites Amankora Paro is similar in design featuring natural rammed-earth walls, gently sloping roofs, and wood-paneled interiors with a king-size bed, a traditional Bukhari (wood-burning stove), and a sizeable terrazzo-clad bath.

Steps lead to a stone terrace with a living room, library, boutique, and dining room. Beneath the dining room is an external terrace with a view of a stream. A stone and timber terrace with a fireplace and lounging areas can be accessed via a track. The spa has an arrival area, changing rooms, a sauna, steam rooms, and a yoga suite on two levels. One double treatment room and four single rooms with showers and outdoor stone baths are on the lower level.

Amankora Bhutan (Aman Resorts) is a series of lodges throughout Bhutan’s valleys. Each valley and lodge has its own character and experience.

Amankora Bhutan (Aman Resorts) is a series of lodges located in Bhutan’s western and central valleys. The name Amankora derives from the words “aman,” meaning “peace” in Sanskrit, and “kora,” meaning “circular pilgrimage” in Dzongkha, the Bhutanese language. Each valley and lodge has its own unique character, setting, and experience.

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