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Mavellous Bhutan Travel did an amazing job of hosting me and my two friends through Bhutan in April 2024. Prior to the trip, we met with Chokyi and informed him of the things we wanted to see and do while in Bhutan, and they did a great job of creating a customized itinerary for us that met all our needs.

Stepping off the plane in Paro felt unreal since the sky was so blue, the clouds so fluffy, and the air was so fresh and crisp. Bhutan definitely holds its status as the last Shangri-La. The temples were beautiful, intricate, detailed, and ornate. The lush and tranquil mountain-scape and terrain was serene and breath-taking. The people were kind and generous. The children were especially inquisitive and charming. I felt inspired, honored, and privileged to be able to witness all the beauty, culture, and tradition that Bhutan has to offer.

Our guide, Phuntsho, was awesome!! He was prompt, prepared, organized, patient, and knowledgeable about the history, political, and socioeconomic landscape of Bhutan. He made sure we knew what each day entailed, what we needed to prepare for, and how we should dress appropriately for each day’s adventure. And most importantly, he knew where all the bathrooms were!! 🙂

I have a proclivity towards altitude sickness, so I was on altitude sickness meds the entire time I was in Bhutan and had to hike very slowly to get to wherever we were going and Phuntsho stayed with me the entire time and ensured I never felt pressured or hurried on my journey. Phuntsho made my time in Bhutan so memorable and awe-inspiring. I can’t thank him enough for making Bhutan such an amazing and phenomenal trip.

My epic 10-day adventure through Bhutan felt more like a road-trip with friends than a tour!!

I highly recommend Marvellous Bhutan Travel and Phuntsho, our guide. My small-group, customized, intimate trip through Bhutan was amazing and so memorable. Bhutan and its people, customs, and traditions will hold a special place in my heart forever!!