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Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the Kingdom of Bhutan today reopened its borders to visitors from other countries. The nation has launched a new tourism strategy that is supported by changes in three crucial areas: improvements to its sustainable development policies, infrastructure improvements, and the improvement of the guest experience.

Bhutan’s excellent High Value, Low Volume tourism policy has been in place since we began to welcome visitors in 1974. But over time, without our knowledge, its spirit and meaning were softened. The Honourable Prime Minister of Bhutan, H.E. Dr. Lotay Tshering, remarked, “As we rebuild our country after this pandemic and formally open our doors to guests today, we are reminding ourselves about the essence of the policy, the values and virtues that have characterized us for decades.

“We must also make sure that we are a high-value society, one that is infused with sincerity, integrity, and ideals. In such a society, individuals must always live in safe neighborhoods, amidst peaceful settings, and enjoy the best amenities. Typically, “high value” is thought to refer to pricey luxury goods and opulent leisure amenities. Bhutan is not that, though. Furthermore, “low volume” does not necessarily refer to fewer visits. We will value everyone who comes to us and upholds our ideals while also learning a great deal from them. There are no boundaries or restrictions if that is what you are looking for. Our young experts in the tourist sector are the best means of achieving our vision. While people in the travel industry will speak for us

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