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Place of Religious Importance

During the second day of the Brigdungla walk, towards the end, you will encounter a revered sacred site in Bumthang that holds great significance in this region. This site is none other than Mount Phola, situated at the highest point of the trail, towering 4521 meters above sea level. The local inhabitants consider this mountain to be the dwelling place of a mystical power, bestowing it with a special reverence.

In Bhutan, we believe in the existence of supernatural beings, and perceive gigantic trees, rocks, and mountains as abodes of spirits and deities. Among the revered gods in the southern part of Bumthang, Mount Phola holds the status of a Protective deity.

Mount Phola is a natural marvel that captivates the senses with its indescribable allure. Rising from the earth like a clenched fist clutching a precious diamond known as Norbu, it commands a profound attraction. However, Ap Namgay advises against attempting to climb Phola, as it is customary to pay respects to this sacred mountain before commencing any community ritual, be it the construction of a new house or otherwise. Undoubtedly, the magnificent mountain of Brigdungla stands as one of the main attractions in the area.

Embarking on this trek will grant you insights into the terrain that epitomizes the Bhutanese highlands. From scattered sacred lakes to extraordinary vegetation, from breathtaking vistas to cherished local legends, you will encounter the essence of our nation that lies rooted in this region.