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Towards the end of the second day of the Brigdungla trek, you’ll find yourself close to a sacred space that is revered by this region in Bumthang. At the highest point of the trail 4521 meters stands what locals believe to be the home of a mystical force: mount Phola.

In Bhutan, we believe that spirits and deities reside in the land as supernatural entities in giant trees, rocks and mountains. Mount Phola is one such deity that this region of southern Bumthang worships. 

Mount Phola is a wonder of nature.  Rising from the earth, like a fist holding a norbu(precious jewel) the sight of the mountain emanates a powerful allure that I can’t really explain. “No one should climb Phola” says memey Jurmey “Whether it’s a building of a new house, a community ritual, we always first pay our respects to Phola” The majestic mountain is probably one of the main attractions of Brigdungla trek and you’ll come to understand how the landscape here encapsulates everything that the highlands in Bhutan are all about; from the many scattered sacred lakes, unique vegetation, breathtaking views to the ancient legends and lore that is still close to the hearts of its people. This is what my country is all about. 
Source from yeegetaway