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Place of Religious Importance

You’ll come upon a sacred site that is respected by this region in Bumthang near the end of the second day of the Brigdungla walk. Mount Phola, which the locals consider to be the residence of a magical force, is located at the trail’s highest point, 4521 meters above sea level.

In Bhutan, we think that supernatural beings such as gigantic trees, rocks, and mountains are home to spirits and deities. One of the gods revered in this part of southern Bumthang is Mount Phola is the Protective deity.

A natural wonder, Mount Phola. The mountain, which rises from the ground like a fist holding a Norbu (valuable diamond), exudes a strong attraction that I find difficult to describe. Ap Namgay advises against climbing Phola. “We always pay our respects to Phola before beginning any community ritual, whether it’s building a new house or not.” Brigdungla’s gorgeous mountain is likely one of its top draws.

Trek and you’ll learn how this region’s terrain contains all that the Bhutanese highlands are all about, including the country’s numerous scattered sacred lakes, unusual vegetation, beautiful views, and old tales that the locals still hold dear. This is the foundation of my nation.