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Bhutan flaunts a mélange of staggering ethereal beauty, fluttering prayer flags and a host to ancient monasteries throughout its mountainous landscape. There are so many holy places in the country that instantly calm our hearts and exude the religious aura within us. And Tshelung Nye was one among many that I have visited recently. Tshelung Nye is one of the most popular sacred destinations located west of Thimphu. It is about two hours drive from Thimphu. The Nye was located on the gentle sloppy hill, lopsidedly bifurcated by the river. The rustling of the trees in the breeze and the prayer flags fluttering overhead was extremely soothing. This Nye was also been blessed according to the lama, by Phajo Drugom Tharpa Gyaltshen (1179-1249), Gyalwang Je Kunga Paljor (1428-1476), Drukchen Ngawang Chogyal (1465-1540), Drukpai Wangchuk Kunga Lekpa (1455-1570), PelingThuksey Dawa Gyentshen (1499-1587), Neyphu Tulku Yongzin Ngawang Drakpa (1525-1599), and Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, who visited the place in person on their way to Paro via Pumola and Drela. Terton Drukdra Dorji, while in Pumola, received many prophecies from the Dakinis and in accordance with these prophecies, he came to Tselung Nye and discovered many powerful treasures.