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Bhutan is open to World

Bhutan offers respite in a world where everything moves quickly. Here, you can enjoy earthly delights like archery and traditional crafts, cheese dishes produced at home and terrifyingly hot peppers, breathtaking hikes, and healing hot-stone baths. But there is also another Bhutan, one that is suggested by the prayer flags that are floating on every slope and draped across gorges. It’s a place where irreverent humor rubs shoulders with strongly held beliefs, and vast vistas and leisurely travel foster a sense of peaceful wonder. You can improve your well-being, experience amazement, and go on thrilling experiences in this Bhutan.

We are sowing the seeds of science and technological innovation while maintaining a more than 70% forest cover and becoming the first carbon-negative nation in the world.

There are numerous Bhutanese cultures to explore.

Nature serves as our guide, demonstrating change, adaptation, perseverance, and evolution. We in Bhutan are stewards of some of the purest, wild, and most revered locations on earth. They are also defenseless. Our culture, ecosystems, watersheds, and spirits depend on them. They provide an essential counterweight in our built-up and bustling environment. They open doors to the vast experiences that we humans fundamentally require. In our dedication to preserving our natural environment, we are unwavering as the cypress.
Although the past of this kingdom is rich, we are focused on the future. We are evolving at this time.
We are steady as the cypress in our culture, guardians of some of the world’s most pure, wild, and sacred landscapes, as well as of a rich, deeply ingrained one.